Discordian Records started in 2011 as an independent music Net Label with its own recording studio in Barcelona, ​​Spain. It was created by El Pricto, in an attempt to promote the exchange between musicians dedicated to the search for innovative, adventurous and individualistic forms of expression in the city. Later it has also become an artistic/documentary record of a community of musicians dedicated to free improvisation and experimental music in Barcelona.

Our commitment is to music, so we love to discover new musicians in the city and abroad. That is why we constantly invite different musicians to play and/or record. One of our main objectives is to contribute to the creation and maintenance of an active free improvisation and experimental music scene in Barcelona, ​​where musicians can meet, share and cooperate in different projects that we hope will emerge more or less spontaneously.

As a record label, we offer musicians the opportunity to record, mix and publish their music on the Erisian platform. With the help of the Discordian Mobile Recording Unit, we can record concerts anywhere with pretty decent audio quality. We also have “The Golden Apple”, our small recording studio located in the T.U.R.F.

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